The Township of Uxbridge would like to remind residents that there are no Township-managed parks...

trails that are available for after-dark use at night. This includes the Countryside Preserve. The hours of use for all Township parks are posted at the entrance to each park. Access to a park after posted hours constitutes trespassing.   This applies to night-cycling activities which are not recommended in any of our trails or parks.

Organized events in Elgin Park may be given extensions to the park hours by the Township as a condition of use in a rental agreement.

These regulations are designed to help protect our parkland and trails from abuse and vandalism at night as well as to prevent injury to park and trail users. Many of our parks and trails are adjacent to residential properties and this policy helps ensure these residents are not disturbed at night.  

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For More Information:
Contact Colleen Baskin, Communication Officer,
Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge
Tel: (905) 852-9181 ext. 231
[email protected]