Free workshop kicks-off Emergency Preparedness Week.

May 7th to 13th is Emergency Preparedness Week. As part of creating awareness about emergency preparedness, the Township of Uxbridge, in conjunction with Environment Canada, is offering a free training session to learn to become a CANWARN storm spotter.

The session takes place on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at the Township of Uxbridge Arena Community Hall at 291 Brock St. W.

Storm Spotters are trained to look for clues in the sky as to which storms may produce damaging weather. They can forward their reports directly to the Ontario Storm Prediction Centre. Reports received by CANWARN volunteers often play an integral role in the decision to issue or update a warning bulletin for a given area and specific mention is often made of the type of information received by a storm spotter within the text of the warning bulletin.

Join Geoff Coulson, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist  with Environment & Climate Change Canada as he discusses the basics of thunderstorm formation, what differentiates a severe from a non-severe thunderstorm, the types of damage severe thunderstorms can produce, what to watch for in the sky, what to report to the Storm Prediction Centre and a series of safety tips.

Pre-registration for this free event is required as there are a limited number of spots. Registration can be done on-line at eventbrite, or by calling the Township of Uxbridge at 905-852-9181.