The boardwalk at the end of Forsythe Drive in Uxbridge has been closed until the fall...

The boardwalk carries the South Balsam Trail over a stream south of Turner Drive. Heavy rains have eroded the ground upon which the footings for the boardwalk rest. The boardwalk will be closed until a new structure can be built.

Boardwalk on the South Balsam Trail

Bob Ferguson, Manager of Park and Facilities, plans to tender the work within the next month. “We plan to reconstruct this boardwalk in the fall. This is a heavily used trail but the boardwalk structure has been badly compromised by the heavy rains we have experienced. We will keep the rest of the trail open and try to make the repairs as soon as we can.”

Trail users are asked to use alternate access points to the trail until the repairs can be completed.

For more information, please contact Amanda Ferraro, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture at 905-852-9181 ext. 400 or by email at [email protected]