Street sweeping will be starting in the upcoming weeks, weather permitting and will take 6 – 8 weeks to complete...

Please try not to park on the streets during this time.  Please leave the sand on the road as there will not be any special pick up of sand left in piles or in pails.  It is acceptable to rake any sand that has accumulated on the boulevard into the curb and gutter prior to the sweeping of the street.  Any areas that are missed due to parked cars will be redone after all sweeping is complete.

Below is the schedule for sweeping:

  1. N/E corner of town
  2. Rural subdivisions and hamlets
  3. N/W corner of town
  4. S/W corner of town
  5. S/E corner of town
  6. Town parking lots

(The town portion is divided into 4 areas with Brock & Main Streets as the centre point.)