Now is the time to enroll in our Monthly or Installment Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for the 2018 taxation year...

If you are currently enrolled in either one of our Plans you do not need to reapply.

To be eligible for this Program, your taxes must be paid in full and not be paid by a Mortgage Company and you must have a full assessment/value.

Pre-Authorized Payment Forms (pdf) are available on the Township website at or at the Tax Department (51 Toronto St S).

Return the completed PAP Form and Void Cheque to:
Township of Uxbridge, Tax Department, PO Box 190, 51 Toronto St S, Uxbridge ON L9P 1T1.

Please direct phone inquiries to the Tax Department at 905-852-9181 Ext. 211 or 216.

The deadline to submit your Application is NOVEMBER 30, 2017.