As part of a long term forest management plan, Township of Uxbridge contractors will be...

thinning pine trees in selected pine plantations in the Countryside Preserve. Thinning the plantation enables native trees to become established in the understory which will result in more species growing in what is now a mono-culture.

“By having a forest with many types of tree species you are creating more bio-diversity. This results in an increased number of species of plants and animals that the forest will support, and it protects the forest”, explains Parks Manager Bob Ferguson. “Right now, if an insect or disease affected the pines, we would lose them all because they are the same type of tree. When the forest has diverse species, only a fraction of the forest is damaged by an insect or a disease event. These forests are critical for protecting the quality of our ground water, which is why the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority has recommended these steps to manage the forest for long-term health.”

To prepare for the thinning, the invasive species in the plantations were removed earlier this year by hand-digging and targeted applications of herbicide. This work was done so that species such as Buckthorn and Dog-Strangling Vine don’t outcompete and suppress the establishment of the native trees and shrubs required for a naturalized, healthy forest.

Thinning in the Preserve is expected to begin in mid-November. The wood that is harvested will be sold to off-set the cost of removing the invasive species. Select areas of the Preserve will be closed while the work is done, but the Preserve will remain open for use. Signs advising users of the work areas will be posted at the entrances, and information about the work will be available on the Township website.


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