The Township of Uxbridge is disappointed to announce that the platform overlooking...

Elgin Pond in Elgin Park will be unavailable for use for the near future. The platform was built and donated to the Township by the Rotary Club of Uxbridge. 

Between 3:00 and 4:00 pm on Tuesday Aug 28th, vandals ripped apart pieces of the railing, deck and frame of the structure and started a fire near the overlook in Elgin Park. The fire was extinguished quickly and police were called and are investigating.  About 1/3 of the structure is damaged.  

“This is just simply unbelievable”, says Uxbridge Mayor Gerri Lynn O’Connor. “This was a lovely, peaceful overlook that has been totally ruined by a bunch of criminals. The amount of damage is staggering – they really worked hard to destroy the platform. This was built and donated by volunteers in our community which makes this even more upsetting.  I certainly hope these individuals are brought to account for their crime.”

Anyone who has any information about this crime should contact Durham Regional Police at 1 (888) 579-1520.

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For More Information:
Contact Colleen Baskin, Communication Officer,
Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge
Tel: (905) 852-9181 ext. 231
[email protected]