The Township of Uxbridge is hosting a public consultation and open house as part of the Township of Uxbridge Ward Boundary Review...

The open house will take place on March 22, 2017 at 7:00-9:00 pm in Council Chambers. The purpose of the consultation is to determine if the current 5 electoral districts, known as wards, in the Township of Uxbridge currently represent an effective and equitable system of representation for the population of the Township. One Ward Councillor is elected to sit on the Township Council from each ward.

The existing configuration of five wards has been in place since the Township of Uxbridge was established as part of the Region of Durham in 1974. However, the rate of population growth has not been consistent across the Township resulting in an unbalanced system of representation. The two wards encompassing the urban area currently represent over half of the Township population.

The Ward Boundary Review process is conducted by an independent consultant who has assessed the present ward boundary system and prepared a discussion paper for public consultation. Members of the public are invited to participate in the process by attending the open house to understand the ward boundary review principles, to provide input on the current system, and the provide feedback about the options presented. The consultant will be making a short presentation at 7:30 pm. A survey will also be made available at the open house, and on the Township website. Completed surveys must be returned by April 12, 2017.

There is more information about this subject and a description of the process on the Township website at Copies of this report are also available from the Clerk’s Department, by visiting 51 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge or by calling 905-852-9181. 

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For More Information:
Contact Colleen Baskin, Communication Officer,
Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge
Tel: (905) 852-9181 ext. 231
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