Apr 1 2017 19:00
Apr 1 2017 22:00

Please join us at our 5th Annual Gala to raise support for the work Young Life does helping teens from Port Perry High School and Uxbridge High School. Come see the leaders and teens perform their adaptation of "Into the Woods". Great evening of entertainment that will make a difference in the lives of local teens! Young Life leaders are committed to friendships with kids – no strings attached. Leaders spend time with kids playing road hockey, going to the mall, watching a basketball game, heading to the ski hill – leaders go to where the kids are and enter their world. We are all about communicating God’s love to kids in terms they can understand. We welcome all teenagers; both junior and senior high, regardless of race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Young Life values and respects all young people, and strives to make them all feel welcomed and accepted.
Gala location: Uxbridge Seniors Centre, 75 Marietta Street, Uxbridge Tickets: $10 at the door All donations will receive a tax receipt. For more information, please email: [email protected]