Apr 17 2017
Apr 21 2017

Did you know that 92 per cent of battery components are recyclable and recoverable?  Recycling used batteries keeps mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals from entering the environment. Since 2012, Durham residents   have diverted over 145 tonnes of batteries from the waste stream.

Region of Durham will be collecting used batteries with the regular waste collection during the week of April 17th.

Please place batteries in a sealed, transparent plastic bag to keep the batteries separate from other recycling waste. Place the bags with the batteries on top of your paper recycling.  Orange labels with instructions on how to participate in the program are included in the annual waste management calendar.  

The Region will not accept automotive batteries, industrial batteries or damaged / leaking batteries. Automotive and other industrial batteries should be taken to a Regional Waste Management Facility for recycling.  

If you miss the collection dates or do not receive curbside blue box collection, visit the Regional Waste Management Facility website for a recycling location and/or upcoming collection event near you.

Battery recycling is important to reduce soil contamination and water pollution, which can occur if these products are improperly disposed. Batteries also contain valuable commodities that can be effectively recycled, reducing demand for virgin metals.

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For More Information:
Contact Colleen Baskin, Communication Officer,
Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge
Tel: (905) 852-9181 ext. 250
[email protected]