2017 Final Tax Bill Information

2017 Final Commercial and Industrial Tax Bill Information

Treasury Department

Located in the Municipal Offices
Phone: (905)852-9181
Fax: (905)852-9674

Treasurer: Donna Condon
[email protected]

Tax Collector: Susan Straughan
[email protected]

Supervisor of Accounting: Gayle Gregor
[email protected]

Accounts Payable: Stacey Moore
[email protected]

Tax Clerk: Diana Wakeford
[email protected]

Tax Information:

Pre-Authorized Payment Form (pdf)
Capping Parameters - Years 2006 to 2016 (pdf)

2017 Tax Rate Chart (pdf)
2016 Tax Rate Chart (pdf)
2015 Tax Rate Chart
2014 Tax Rate Chart (pdf)
2013 Tax Rate Chart (pdf)
2012 Tax Rate Chart (pdf)
2011 Tax Rate Chart (pdf)
2010 Tax Rate Chart(pdf)
2009 Tax Rate Chart(pdf)
Vacancy Rebate Eligibility Criteria (pdf)
Vacancy Rebate Application Form (pdf)
Registered Charities - Property Tax Rebate Application (pdf)

Treasury Department Fees

Item Fee
Penalty and Interest Charges 1 1/4% per month
Letter of Credit Administration Fee $300.00 on Letters of Credit over $25,000.00
Tax Statement, Duplicate Tax Bill or Tax Receipt $12.00
Tax Certificates $75.00
Returned Cheque Fees (NSF) $50.00
Tax Sales $1,000.00 administration fee, plus taxes, plus direct costs
Tax History Search $50.00 per hour
Addition to the Tax Roll (By-law Charges, Municipal Liens, Region of Durham Water & Sewer Charges) $25.00
New Roll Number Set Up Fee $50.00
Ownership Change Administration Fee $25.00
Property Tax Registration Extension Letter $500.00
Tax Collection Letter $25.00
Garbage Tags $2.50 per tag
Blue Boxes $6.00 each
Kitchen Bins $4.00 each
Large Green Bins $15.00 each
Arrears Notice Fee $3.00/Notice

This Policy sets out the Township's position with respect to requests for financial assistance, waiving of fees for municipal facilities and invitations to participate in fund-raising events for the benefit of non-profit organizations. To view the policy, please click on the link below.

Financial Assistance Policy - Grant Policy


Federal Gas Tax Funding:

The Federal Gas Tax Fund originally committed approximately $1.9 billion to Ontario municipalities for environmentally sustainable infrastructure over a five year period (2005-2009). The Federal Government has committed to extend Federal Gas Tax Funding for an additional four years. This provides municipalities in Canaada with an additional $2 billion per year from 2010 to 2014 under the Building Canada Plan. Municipalities can apply this funding to infrastructure projects that promote cleaner water, cleaner, air or reduced greenhouse gas emissions and help address a massive, province-wide infrastructure deficit

For each project completed by the Township of Uxbridge under this program, an Outcomes Report must be completed and submitted to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). The public can obtain a copy of any Outcome Report by contacting the Municipal Treasurer.

Investing in Ontario Act Funding

In 2008, the Provincial Government provided the Township of Uxbridge with a grant to support Infrastructure. Please click here to view the breakdown of the use of the Investing in Ontario Act Funding.

2015 Consolidated Financial Statements

2014 Consolidated Financial Statements
2013 Consolidated Financial Statements
2012 Consolidated Financial Statements
2011 Consolidated Financial Statements
2010 Consolidated Financial Statements
2009 Consolidated Financial Statements
2008 Consolidated Financial Statements
2007 Consolidated Financial Statements

MPMP Public Notice - 2013 Municipal Performance Measurement Program

Budgets -Current

2017-2018 Operating Budget
2017-2018 Capital Budget

2017 Budget Expenditures and Funding Charts

Budgets - Years 2010 to 2015

2010-2011 Operating Budget
2010-2011 Capital Budget

2011-2012 Operating Budget
2011-2012 Capital Budget

2012-2013 Operating Budget
2012-2013 Capital Budget


Development Charges (DC) Background Study

Executive Summary
Hemson - Development Charges (DC) Background Study
Appendix A - Development Forecast
Appendix B - General and Township Engineering Services - Technical Appendix
Appendix C - Reserve Fund Balances
Development Charges By-law
Development Charges Treasurer Statement 2016 Report

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