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Canada’s next census will be held in May 2011.

Early in May, yellow census packages will be delivered to every dwelling in Canada, providing residents the information they need to complete the census online or on paper.

Completed questionnaires will provide valuable information that will be used by all levels of government to make decisions about your neighbourhood and community.

Census information is important for all communities and is vital for planning services such as schools, daycare, police services and fire protection.

Households have the option of completing their census questionnaire online. It is easy, secure and convenient. No pre-registration or lengthy download processes are required.

Each census package will have a Secure Access Code printed at the top of the enclosed letter or questionnaire. You will need this access code before you can start your online questionnaire.

If you have difficulties using the online questionnaire, call the Census Help Line at 1-877-777-2011 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. starting May 2nd. TTY users may call 1-866-753-7083.

Every person, young and old, must be included in the 2011 Census.

For more information about the 2011 Census, visit the 2011 Census website at www.census2011.gc.ca.

National Household Survey

In addition to the 2011 Census, some residents will be asked to participate in the new National Household Survey (NHS). The information collected in the NHS will provide data to plan and support family services, housing, roads and public transportation, and skills training for employment.

Your information will help paint a detailed and comprehensive picture of Canadian society. If you receive the NHS, support your community and complete the survey.

The NHS will collect the same information that was collected by the 2006 Census long-form questionnaire. For information to be available for future planning and decision making, it is important that all residents who receive the NHS complete the questionnaire. Please encourage others to respond to this survey so your community can have accurate, reliable data.

For more information about the NHS, visit www.nhs.statcan.gc.ca.

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