• Watershed - Environmental Achievement Award - Past Winners Information


Mill Run Golf Course

Mill Run Golf Course was the recipient of the 2012 Environmental Achievement Award for completion of a $1 million creek diversion project.  This project became necessary when the dam located at the Siloam pond began to deteriorate.

  • To solve this problem, the Golf Course completed a project which diverted the Pefferlaw Brook around the Siloam pond by constructing a man-made creek bed.
  • The cold water Brook previously flowed into the Siloam pond which warmed the water and the dam created a barrier, preventing aquatic species migrating to the upper reaches of the Brook.
  • More than 5000 plans, trees and shrubs were planted.
  • 620 metres of aquatic habitat was created.
  • Approximately 17 kilometres of upstream creek channel was opened up for fish migration.

Tom Fowle, UWAC Committee Chair, Jacob Mantle, Councillor Ward 4, Rod Speak, Mill Run Golf Club, Stuart Brindle, Mill Run Golf Club, Scott Grieve, ECC Committee Chair

Coxlyn Farms

Robert Cox from Coxlyn Farms was a recipient of the Environmental Achievement Award in 2011.  The farm has been a dairy farm since 1970 and the Cox family have been farming this land for four generations.  While looking for different possibilities to deal with the increased animal waste due to the expansion of their milking herd, the Farm completed an Environmental Farm Plan.  Through this process Coxlyn Farms decided to build a liquid storage tank which can hold 980,000 litres of cattle waste.  In addition to building the storage tank, the Farm also:

Left their waterways grassed to to prevent erosion;
Ensured their cattle do not have access to the waterways;
Have an action plan for waste or chemical spill;
Incorporate their waste;
Site Specific tillage to prevent erosion and no till planting is used where possible;
Rotate crops;
Soil analysis, and
Chemical applications are to a minimum.

Construction of the Liquid Storage Tank

The McCutcheon Foundation

The John and Pat McCutcheon Foundation was honoured with an Environmental Achievement Award in 2009 for its contribution to the environmental restoration and enhancement of the former Timber's Gravel Pit and the creation of a living classroom.

John McCutcheon receiving the Environmental Achievement Award

Restored former Timbers Gravel Pit, Fall 2010

Megan & Kate Lindsay

In 2006, Megan & Kate Lindsay were presented with an Environmental Achievement Award for their efforts to organize and clean up around Quaker Pond.