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Bidding Opportunities

Anyone can download the Bid Document at no charge*. However, if you intend to submit a bid, you MUST register as a bidder. Failure to do so may result in you not obtaining subsequent addenda and therefore your bid may not be based upon the latest information. The bid may then have to be rejected.

*Note that certain bidding opportunities containing large sets of drawings may not be available electronically. These will still be posted on the Bidding Opportunities section as a courtesy notification only. Instructions for obtaining the documents will be provided in the notification. There are two ways that bid documents can be obtained and at the same time you can register as a bidder. 

There are two ways that bid documents can be obtained and at the same time you can register as a bidder.

1. On-line Registration and Downloading of Documents, Attachments and Addenda

Registration: Most documents can be downloaded at no charge and read or printed using Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft® Word or Excel HOWEVER, FIRMS MUST FIRST REGISTER ON-LINE IN THE BIDDING OPPORTUNITIES SECTION TO ACCESS THE BID DOCUMENT.  To be added to the bidders list for each bidding opportunity, follow the instructions under "Bidding Opportunities".  If you intend to bid, you will be required to login before downloading the bid document to ensure that you will be notified of any addenda, or changes to the close dates. 

Failure to register for on-line bid opportunities may result in disqualification if your bid does not acknowledge and fully comply with all addenda.

Document Download: After registering, login and click on the applicable bidding document link to open and then print the document. This is repeated for each document and its associated addenda and drawings.  If you choose to be added to the Bidders List for a bidding opportunity, you will receive email notifications for any changes (i.e., "Addenda") issued throughout the term of the bid call.   Although the Township will make every effort to notify all registered bidders of any addenda, the Township of Uxbridge is not responsible in the event that the emails are not received.  It is therefore strongly suggested to periodically check the applicable bidding opportunities on-line up to the close date for new addenda.

2. Pick-up of Documents

Bid documents can be picked up in person at the Clerk’s Department, 51 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge, Ontario. There may be a fee charged for these documents to cover printing and administration. This fee will vary for each document depending upon size, drawings, etc.

**Note all Document takers must register online regardless of method of pick up.

Charge for tender documents: Where there is a fee payable for Township of Uxbridge competitive bid documents, final payment must be received by the Township Clerk’s Department before documents will be released to the requestor. For further clarification, a photocopy of a cheque as proof of payment pending will not be acceptable as sufficient proof to allow the release of the document to the requestor.

Delivery of tender documents by mail: Where document takers request delivery of any competitive bid documents by mail, the Township of Uxbridge accepts no liability or responsibility, and is not under any obligation, to ensure the document is received by the requestor within a time frame sufficient to allow the requestor to submit a bid for the requirement.

The request to use the mail, courier services or any third party for delivery of any competitive bid documents to the document taker will be entirely at the risk of the requestor and the Township will be under no obligation to extend any competitive bid closing dates in the event of a claim of a delay in receipt of the documents mailed by the Township. 


If you have any inquiries, please contact below:

Laura Rupprecht
Clerk’s Assistant
Township of Uxbridge
51 Toronto St South
Uxbridge, ON
L9P 1T1
Office: 905-852-9181 Ex 220
Fax: 905-852-9674
[email protected]

Submission of Bid Documents: Bid submission instructions are provided within the bid documents. Formal tenders and RFP’s must be submitted in originally executed hard copy in a sealed envelope clearly marked as to the contents, and received at the location, and by the date and time stipulated in the documents. Late bids are not accepted. Formal or Informal Quotations may, in some instances, be faxed or emailed directly to the attention of the Procurement Officer.

The Township of Uxbridge Registration for Bidding Opportunities Guide



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