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Facilities and Parks Information

Looking for the perfect place to host a party or reception? The Township of Uxbridge has a number of facilities available for rent at reasonable rates. Please consult the Facility Information Chart for individual facility items.

Rental Facility Fee Chart - Rates September 1st, 2017 to August 31st, 2018

For facility bookings below call the Facility Booking Clerk Karen Ryl at 905-852-6761.

Goodwood Community Centre
(capacity 149)
(Highway 47 and Regional Road 21)
268 Highway 47, Goodwood

Zephyr Community Centre
(capacity 149)
310 Zephyr Sideroad, Zephyr

Uxbridge Seniors Centre
(capacity 200)
75 Marietta Street, Uxbridge

Sandford Community Centre
(capacity 190)
433 Sandford Sideroad, Sandford

Uxbridge Music Hall
(capacity for concerts 300; for dining 150)
16 Main Street South, Uxbridge

Other Facility Bookings

Uxpool Hall
(capacity 40)
1 Parkside Drive
(905) 852-7831

Uxbridge Community Centre (Arena)
(capacity 435)
291 Brock Street West, Uxbridge

Uxbridge Arena at 852-3081

Elgin Park Facilites: Red Barn, Craft Building, Picnic Shelter, Bandshell
Elgin Park, Main Street South, Uxbridge

To book the facilities below, please contact the person listed at that facility.

Gould Room/Tokai Room (capacity 12/75)
Uxbridge Library, 9 Toronto Street South
Library Staff at 852-9747

Udora Hall
24 Victoria Street Udora
Helen Jones 705-228-8102

Pine Grove Church 
Helen Johnson 905-852-7372

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Cultural Facilities

Uxbridge Historical Centre - 7239 Concession 6, Uxbridge
(Uxbridge Scott Museum) (905) 852-5854

Uxbridge Historical  Centre Rates subject to HST
Pay as you go  
Adult $5.50
Student $4.75
Senior $5.00
Children 6-12 $3.75
Family $16.00
Church Rentals Rates subject to HST
Heated Facility (n/a Nov. 1 - Apr. 1) n/a
Non-Heated Facility (n/a Nov. 1 - Apr. 1) $300.00
Gazebo $300.00
Grounds Rates subject to HST
Grounds with/without services (1/2 day event) $60.00
Grounds with services (full day event) $125.00
Grounds with services (per day - vacate by midnight) $480.00
Commercial (Daily) $1,800.00
Commercial (Weekly) $6,035.00
Non-Commercial (per day) $480.00
Additional Fee outside normal operating hours (per hour) $36.50
School Program (1/2 day) - minimum charge $75 $5.75/student (not subject to HST)
School Program (full day) - minimum charge $150 $9.50 (not subject to HST) 
Outreach to Schools  $89.00 (not subject to HST) 
Youth Special Programs (1/2 day) $19.75/person (not subject to HST) 
Adult Special Programs (1/2 day) $19.75/per person
Community Group Outreach - minimum charge $5.75/person
Conducted Group Tours $5.20/person
School House Rates subject to HST
Contract Rate $28.00
Commercial Contract Rate per hour $37.50
Rehearsal rate - Seasonal per event $62.50
Wedding - School House and Church or Gazebo - per event $406.00
Wedding - School House Only $295.00
Lodge Hall  
Rental/per day $70.00
Exhibit - Cultural space/per month $416.00
Miscellaneous  Rates subject to HST
Staff Research (per hour) $35.50
Patron Usage - Archives (1/2 day) $21.00
Patron Usage - Archives (full day) $27.00
Digital File non Commercial - per photo (1) $10.50
Digital File non Commercial - additional (1) $5.20
Digital File Commericial -per photo (1) $31.00
Staff Time Extra Hours (per hour) $36.50

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Park Facilities

To view the Township of Uxbridge Park Facilities Chart, click here.

Elgin Park Rates subject to HST
Picnic shelter/per event $43.00
Red Barn/per event $72.00
Craft Building/per event $85.00
Bandshell/per event $44.00
Bandshell with Hydro/per event $81.00
Elgin Park Exclusive  
For Profit Fee/per event $6,362.00
(*Also to be included: Labour & Services Charges)  


Permits will be issued for all hall rentals, which will outline all requirements and service charges. One week after a booking is made a rental deposit must be made to secure the booking. Payment in full for the rental must be received two (2) weeks prior to the function.

Cancelled functions will result in the loss of the booking deposit.


The Township encourages the use of the Guide to Accessible Festivals & Outdoor Events if you or your organization is planning a public event or festival. For more information contact [email protected]


Payment will be accepted by cheque, money order or by Visa (some exceptions). Cheques and money orders must be made payable to the Township of Uxbridge. No post-dated cheques will be accepted.

Damage Deposits
(Dependent upon receiving Mastercard privileges)
Music Hall Not subject to HST
Regular User $1,000.00
Production Company $1,000.00
Elgin Park - Bandshell $500.00
Foster Memorial $500.00
Zephyr $500.00
Goodwood $500.00
Seniors Centre $500.00
Sandford $500.00
Arena $500.00

What we provide:

  • Booking assistance
  • Authorized permit
  • Tables and chairs
  • Air conditioning (see chart below for locations)
  • A copy of the Municipal Alcohol Policy
  • Dishes and cutlery (see chart for locations)

What you provide:

  • Special occasion permit (Licensed functions. Available at liquor store.)
  • Table coverings, all catering, D.J., music or band
  • Smart Serve Bartenders as per M.A.P.
  • Ticket sellers and such
  • All setup and take down at the end of the function
  • All items that are part of the M.A.P. policy
  • Decorations (please do not use tape)
  • Party Alcohol Liability Insurance. At least $2,000,000.00 coverage with the Township of Uxbridge named as co-insured.
  • Provide all information to the Booking Clerk for the hall rented at least one week in advance.

Copies of the Municipal Alcohol Policy may be obtained by clicking the link below or with our Facility Booking Clerk - 291 Brock St. West. This policy applies to all municipality-owned facilities.

Township of Uxbridge Municipal Alcohol Policy

Facility Information Chart

Facility Cap ft2 Din.
Kitchen Can be licensed Access. Air Cond. Dishes
Gould Room 12 - - no no yes yes no
Uxpool Hall 40 - - yes no no yes no
Goodwood Hall 149 2106 - yes yes yes yes yes
Zephyr Hall 149 2106 - yes yes yes yes yes
Udora Hall A 185 - 150 yes yes yes yes yes
Udora Hall B 80 - - yes yes yes yes yes
Sandford Hall 250 2829 - yes yes yes yes yes
Seniors Centre 200 2401 - yes yes yes yes yes
Music Hall 300 1913 150 yes yes yes yes no
Arena Hall 318 5022 - yes yes yes yes yes

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