Whitby, Ontario – The Durham Emergency Management Office wants you to be prepared for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and other potential emergencies this summer...

In 2017, there were 14 severe thunderstorm warnings in Durham. During the past 10 years tornadoes have touched down in Ashburn, Bowmanville, and twice in Orono. These types of storms can lead to power outages, flash flooding and infrastructure damage. If the effects of a storm are severe, you might have to stay home and shelter in place, or leave your home for a safe location.

While the Region and its local area municipalities have emergency plans and programs, your own emergency planning is also essential:

  • Keep your home and car emergency kits stocked. Visit durham.ca/demo for a list of suggested items to keep in your kits.
  • Get your free copy of the Are You Ready? guide, which will help you make a personal emergency plan. Download it online at durham.ca/demo, or pick it up in person at the Region of Durham Headquarters (605 Rossland Road East in Whitby).

To get information and instructions during an emergency, monitor local media, and official government websites and social media channels.