• Properties Plaqued Under Heritage Uxbridge Plaque Program



Address Legal Description Information
 38 Church Street  Plan 83, BLK B, Lot 12  Raham House - 1 1/2 storey frame house built in 1871 with large and small gables and gothic style windows and an oriel window.  Purchased in 1896 by Joseph and Agnes Raham.  Mr. Raham operated a carriage factory.  Property was then sold to Jane Wilson who was a councillor in 1897/98 and reeve in 1911/12.
 109 Brock Street East  Plan 83, BLK 57, Lot 90  R.P. Harman House - L-shaped, 1 1/2 storey frame house with large and small gables has gothic style door which opens onto a small railed verandah.  Stained glass sidelights and transom around the front door are also features of this house.  Reuben P. Harman was a school teacher and businessman.  He owned Sash and Door Factory "Foundry - Aeric Machinery."
24 Cedar Street North Lot 162, BLK V T.J. Jobbitt House, Shoemaker
 54 Cedar Street North  Plan 83, BLK M, Part Lot 72 to 74  Harvey and Martha Gould House - T-shaped 1 1/2 storey white brick house built by Joseph Gould in 1876.  Purchased by Harvey Gould in 1886.  Mr. Gould was a former Mayor of Uxbridge, County Warden. 
 188 Brock Street West  Plan 83, BLK FF, Lot 285  Boyd House - 1 1/2 storey house built in 1876-77 with wrap around verandah.  Gable on the second floor has a door that opens onto a railed verandah.  There are two decorative brackets which have a sunburst pattern that is believed to be unique to Uxbridge.  House still has the original six over six windows and has a traditional fieldstone foundation.  The property was purchased from John C. Fawcett in 1870 who had purchased it from Joseph Gould earlier the same day.
 89 Toronto Street South  Plan 83, Blk E, Lot 16, Pt Lot 17  Presbyterian Church Manse - Large L-shaped 1 1/2 storey home of white brick.  Gables have bargeboard.  Door on second floor that opens to a railed varandah.  Windows are rounded on top and casements appear to be dated from the 1870's.  Foundation is dressed fieldstone.
 13 Young Street  Plan 30, Blk 49, Lot 589, E Pt Lot 590  Charles and Annie Gould House - House is typical Queen Anne Revival style.  Two storey yellow brick home features steep hip roof, tall chimneys and turret.  Arched and round headed windows, decorative brick bands and unusual coffin doors that appear to be windows are also features.  Originally owned by Joseph Gould, property was inherited by his son in 1886.  Charles and brother Harvey operated Gould Brothers Bank on Brock Street as well as Uxbridge Roller Mills and Gould Flour and Feed Store.
 55 Brock Street East  Plan 83, Blk 55, Lot 82  Harrison House - The house was built in 1873 by Henry Madill Jr. who operated a dry goods store on Brock Street.  It is a 1 1/2 storey home with back kitchen and dining room.  It was purchased by James Harrison in 1861.  He was a harness maker on Main Street in Uxbridge for 20 years.  In 1949, Mrs. Alma Soper opened her Cedarlea Maternity Home and operated it for seven years. 
70 Main Street South Plan Bascoms Blk Un-Numbered Pat Lot 6 and 7 Bascom - Williams House - The house was a small square frame house that was later bricked but has since undergone a number of changes.  The property was originally owned by Dr. Joseph Bascom and was transferred to his daughter Mary in 1872.  Mary married Alonzo D. Williams who was the first clerk for the Village of Uxbridge and held that position for 27 years. 
7 Dominion Street Plan 83, BLK 2, Lot 5 and Pt Lot 6, 10 Patterson House - The house was built in 1888 and is a 1 1/2 storey yellow brick home.  The west peak of the gables has decorative brickwork, bargeboard is most intricate.  Bought by Andrew Patterson, who was involved in the Parrish Tannery on Bascom Street.  He was also Mayor in 1891. 
23 Main Street South Lot 17, Blk 62, Part Lot 16, 17 J.P. Blank House - Early Town Founder, John P. Plank bought 100 acres at the corner of Main and Brock Street in 1825.  He Built a small frame house and tavern.  In 1828 he built the first store in Town and the first saw mill at Elgin Pond. He built the present building at 23 Main Street after fire detroyed his home and tavern.
7049 Concession Road 4 Concession 4, S Pt. Lot 31, Now RP 40R-7819, Part 1 North Albion Hotel & Stable - Operated by Nelson Brice in 1866 & 1868 the hotel was soon taken over by Lance Hutchinson until 1900.  Known as the Roseville Hotel it was also used as a post office.  It is the oldest commercial structure in the Township.
6580 Owen Road Concession 5, Part Lot 28 J. Hambleton House - John Hambleton, a Quaker, purchased 100 acres in 1832 and he built a 1 1/2 storey frame home with gable and upper window.  He bought a further 14 acres from the east 1/2 of Lot 29.  Centre Road was built across the property in approximately 1860. 
40 Sandy Hook Road Plan H-50063, Part Lot 19, Now RP 40R-6885, Part 1 Crosby House - Ira Crosby built a Victorian frame 1 1/2 storey with gables on the sides.  It was part of a Plan of Subdivsion developed by J.C. Widdifield.
46 Brock Street East Plan 83, Blk 64, Lot 26, Part Lot Q, Now RP 40R-18618, Part 1 R.P. Harman House - Built in 1871, the Gothic Revival 1 1/2 storey frame house with gables was sold to A.T. Button who was a merchant and lumber dealer.  It has a fieldstone foundation, windows are 6 over 6 and 2 over 2 and it has original door - gingerbread trim along the gables.
37 First Avenue Plan 83, BLK 55, Lot A George and Mary Long House - Built in 1885 by George Long a local builder and mason.  The house is a Victorian Gothic 1 1/2 stroey yellow brick home with ornate bargeboard on all the gables and verandah. There is a small upper and lower verandah off to the side and the front and the upper verandh has a door and raling around.
41 First Avenue Plan 83, BLK 10, Part Lot 62 & 63 Wheler House - the 1 1/2 storey Ontario Cottage style house was built in 1860 by Edward Wheler at the northwest corner of Brock and Main Street with the lumber coming from the local mill owned by George Wheler.  It was moved to it's present location by Ira G. Crosby in 1871.  He was the Town Treasurer for many years. 
23 First Avenue Plan 83, BLK 55 Lot D Thirsk House - David Thirsk purchased the lot in 1887 and built this Gothic Revial 2 storey yellow bricked home with a coursed fieldstone basement.  In 1908 in was purchased by W.H. Brownscombe who was in the Boot and Shoe business. 
203 Brock Street West Lot 166, BLK V Benj. & Eliz. DAVIDSON HOUSE, Manufacturer & Bee Keeper
8699 Concession 3 Concession 3, Lot 4 N Richard & Jane WIDDIFIELD HOUSE, Farmer
92 Toronto Street South Lot 3, BLK D Samuel & Jane McKINNELL HOUSE, Merchant
122 Brock Street East Lot 38, BLK 68 Robert & Elizabeth MOONEY HOUSE, Merchant
197 East Street   William & Mary DARLINGTON HOUSE, Soda Water Manufacturer
68 Reach Street   William & Mary DARLINGTON HOUSE, Soda Water Manufacturer
4199 Front Street., Box 144 Goodwood Plan, Lot 16 Milton & Alice LEAVENS HOUSE, Carriage Builder
10349 Concession 6 Lot 12 Hugh & Harriet MUSTARD HOUSE, Farmer
51 Brock Street East Lot 81 BLK 55 BAPTIST PARSONAGE (1924-1943)
169 Brock Street West Lot 192, BLK Y Lewis & Mahala JONES HOUSE, Town Constable
67 Second Avenue Lot 108, BLK 11 Thomas & Alma GOULD HOUSE, Furrier (1888-1961)
169 King Street Lot 81 BLK N Robert & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON HOUSE, Farmer & Builder (1906-1911)
41 Victoria Drive Lot 7/8/9, BLK B Tom & Isabella GALLOWAY HOUSE, Theologian (1892-1906)
43 Main Street North Lot 1, BLK 1 Daniel & Catherine CONBOY HOUSE, Carriage & Sleigh Builder
12897 Regional Road #30, Zephyr Lot 25 James & Frances KEITCH HOUSE, Stone Mason
478 Sandford Road Lot 6 John & Dianah POLLARD HOUSE, Farmer
48 Church Street Lot 10, BLK B William & Emma FINCH-HENRY HOUSE, Clothing Merchant (1874-1934)
6 Brock Street West   Charles D. Waid, WAID'S JEWELRY STORE
45 Brock Street East Lot 80, BLK 55 Truman & Rebecca FORSYTH HOUSE, Pumpmaker
106 Toronto Street South Lot 7/8, BLK D Alexander & Catharine THOMPSON HOUSE, Carpenter & Hotel Owner
153 Brock Street East Lot 96/97, BLK 58 ANGLICAN CHURCH RECTORY
49 Dominion Street Lot 57/58, BLK 9 Robert & Elinor HARRIS HOUSE, Lawyer & Mayor (1939-1989)
89 Main Street South Lot 4, BLK 63 William & Amelia VYVYAN HOUSE, Tailor (1872-1973)
4070 Front Street Goodwood Lot 11/12, Plan George & Elizabeth TODD HOUSE, Owner, Todd's Produce (1911-1955)
55 Dominion Street Lot 57, BLK 9 Thomas & Lucy CHAPPLE HOUSE, Barrister & MPP
130 Brock Street East   Dr. Edwin & Annie HARDY HOUSE, Educator, O.B.E.
112 Colbourne Street Lot 1, BLK C John & Mary CLARK HOUSE, Grain Dealer  
50 Franklin Street Lot K, BLK 64 Benjamin Kester JONES HOUSE, Carpenter & Cabinetmaker
127 Brock Street East Lot 93, BLK 57 Benjamin & Elizabeth CLEMENCE HOUSE, Shoemaker
84 Second Avenue (as 82 Second Avenue - per 1985 GB proj) Lot 61, BLK 9 Joseph E. & Elizabeth GOULD HOUSE, Farmer
4060 Front Street, Goodwood Lot 11, Plan 54 Stephen & Margaret FLUMERFELT HOUSE, Reeve
64 Victoria Drive   UXBRIDGE PUBLIC SCHOOL, Site of School since 1873
203 King Street West Lot 71, BLK M Lorenzo & Louisa MORDEN HOUSE, Painter (1890-1902)
74 Plank's Lane Lot 100, BLK 67 Allan & Polly WRIGHT HOUSE, Polly granddaughter of J.P. Plank, (1880-1913)
23 Franklin Street Plan 83, BLK 66, Lots C/D, Part Lot B Charles Small, GLEEHOLME, Owner of the Uxbridge Piano & Organ Company
209 Brock Street Lot 165, BLK V Richard & Sarah SELLARS HOUSE, Labourer
33 Franklin Street Lot E/F, BLK 66 William & Abigail HAMILTON HOUSE, Postmaster/Mayor/Magistrate
832 Brookdale Road    
40 Franklin Street Plan 83, BLK 64 Part Lot K Lucille COATES HOUSE, Dressmaker
84 Toronto Street South Plan 83, BLK D, East Part Lot 1 William & Jane WALKER HOUSE, Carpenter/Builder
180 Victoria Drive Plan 83, BLK SS, Lot 416 William & Mary Ellen HAMILTON HOUSE, Custom Thresher (1908-1964)
40 Reach Street Lot 11, BLK 79 Tom & Karen RUPPEL HOUSE, Richard Bell land holdings
32 First Avenue Plan 83, BLK 82, Lot 71 Samuel & Emma TODD HOUSE, Carriage Builder (1885-1906)
7 Dafoe Street, Zephyr Concession 3, Part Lot 25 ST. PAUL'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
75 Toronto Street South Plan 83, BLK E, Lot 14 c 1872, William & Elizabeth FERGUSON HOUSE, Retired Gentleman Farmer
101 Toronto Street South Part Lot 18, Block E Warren WILSON HOUSE, Wheelwright (1858)
19 Railway Street Plan 83, Park BLK GQYZ, Part Streets now RP 40R-16387, Part 1 E.L. Coffee, WAREHOUSE, c.1878
125 Brock Street West Plan 83, Part BLK GQYZ, Part Streets now RP 40R16387, Part 1 H.J. Gould, WAREHOUSE, c. 1878
20881 Brook Road., Cannington    UDORA UNITED CHURCH
220 Brock Street West Plan 83, Part Lot 274, BLK EE  
72 First Avenue Lot 12, N'LY 10' Lot 11, BLK 2  
19-21 Brock Street West Part Lot 234, BLK CC, Plan 83 BASCOM PLACE HOTEL
137 Main Street South Plan 83, BLK 79, Lot 4 to 7 Richard and Annie Bell House, YEOMAN
6280 Concession 5   Christopher Manley, FARMER
9289 Regional Road 1 Concession 7, Part Lots 9 to 10, Park 4 or 3030 John Weldon, FARMER
30 Church Street   Horace and Annie MORRISON HOUSE, FARMER
58 King St. W. Plan 83, Blk AA, Part Lot 215 William HAMILTON HOUSE, Owner-Dry Goods Store
36 First Avenue Lot 70, Blk 82 Silas BEEBE HOUSE, Blacksmith
41 Main Street South Lot 13 and Part Lot 12, Plan 83, and Blk 62 Reuben P. & Lucinda HARMAN HOUSE
49 First Avenue    Ira Crosby, Town Treasurer
94 Toronto Street North Part Lot 46, Blk H, Plan 83, being parts 2+3 on Plan 40R-16567 John & William McGuire HOUSE, Cabinet Makers